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We Buy Houses

We are Parrot Home Buyers, and we buy houses anywhere in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. We close deals fast, we pay cash, and we can save you a lot of time and trouble. Think of us if…

  • You need to sell fast and can’t wait for a realtor to sell your house to a homeowner.
  • You’ve inherited a house and want to sell it.
  • You’re in a hurry to sell your house because you’re moving away from the area.
  • You need to sell due to divorce, illness, or other events.
  • You are facing foreclosure and need to sell to preserve your credit.
  • You are behind on your property taxes and can’t pay.
  • You own rental properties and don’t want to deal with them any more.
  • Your house needs repairs that you don’t want to do before selling.
  • You have never sold a home and don’t know where to start.
  • You want to sell a home in a bad area, and no one is buying.
  • You don’t want to pay closing costs, realtor’s commission, etc.

We have bought and sold a lot of Indy houses, and we know how to make the process quick and easy for you. If you call us, we will come look at your house quickly: sometimes right away, often the same day, and almost always within 24 hours. If we are interested in the house, we will usually make you an offer that same day, and sometimes on the spot. Once we sign a contract, you will typically have cash in 7 to 14 days, and sometimes even faster than that.

We are a small family-owned company. We do our own inspections and appraisals. We don’t have to wait for our bosses, our investors, or our bankers to decide if we can buy your house. We decide… so you don’t have to wait and wonder.

Call us now at 317-204-2900 if you have a house to sell. You won’t get a secretary, and you won’t get a call center. You’ll get a member of our family on the phone, every time.

Let's Get Started

Step one in getting a fast cash offer for your house is to fill out the form below with your information. So let's get the process started!

Our Process

Step 1: Get in Touch

Call us now! The sooner we can see your house, the sooner you can get your money.

Step 2: Get an Offer

We'll make an offer, or you can give us an asking price. Sometimes, we will make an offer, and write up a contract, right on the spot. Otherwise, you will usually have an offer from us within 24 hours.

Step 3: Close the Deal

We will pay a title company to go over the paperwork so all parties are legally protected. This usually takes 7-14 days. At the end of this time comes the "closing date": both you and we will sign some final papers. You can meet us at an office to do this, or it can be done by e-mail.

Step 4: Get Paid

You'll get your money at closing, and we're done. That's all there is to it!

So get in touch now, and we'll make it easy for you to get the cash you need in as little as 2 weeks!

What Our Clients Say

Why Choose Us?

We Move Fast

Don’t spend time preparing to sell or letting your house sit on the market. With us, you can sell your house in a matter of days or weeks - not months.

We Make It Simple

Don't deal with the repairs, open houses, inspections, agents, and negotiations. Get the cash you need with none of the hassle.

We Pay Cash

You don’t have to wait for us to find financing like most buyers. We only deal in cash. No loan approvals or appraisals required.

No Repairs Needed

We buy houses in any condition. We will never ask you to make repairs or other concessions. Just a simple cash offer.

No Fees or Commissions

When we buy a house there are no buyer's or seller's agents, no commissions, and no additional fees. What we pay is what you get.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an offer?

Every house is unique, but generally it will take 2-12 hours to get an offer. All we need is a quick walk through of your house.

How quickly do you close?

We close as soon as we have confirmed clear title, which usually takes 7-14 days. We've closed deals in as little as 3 days, but we usually recommend planning on a 2 week close to be safe.

What if my property is in need of major repairs?

We buy houses in ANY condition. We do not mind substantial repairs.

Let's Talk

It doesn’t matter if your home is occupied, in need of major repair, or in foreclosure. Sell your house fast without the hassle of listing. Fill out our contact form or call us at 317-204-2900 to get in touch today!

Looking for more information? See our FAQ, read some of our testimonials or check out the locations we serve.